I'm in Love

Category: Gospel
Have you ever been in love? When we think of love in general, we often tend to think of romantic love immediately.But have you ever think of God's love first? God's love is different from other kind of love.His love encompasses us completely. He loves us even though we are flawed,rejected,awkward,sorrowful and broken but his love comfort us in times of loneliness and despair.. His love never fails...

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Lyrics of YemPraiz - I'm in Love

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this is awesome for real. yomi keyz youve never fold my hands

posted by G-SOWS
2020-12-31 07:07:15

More of God's grace

posted by Oluwayemisi Micah
2020-12-27 09:50:16

Very inspiring, touching and meaningful.

posted by Aderinwale Adegboyega Emmanuel
2020-12-26 08:58:45