No Chorus

Category: Hip Pop
Smiles, NO CHORUS, is a 16 bar song that has no chorus! So you can listen and add your chorus to it. The summary of the song is that you bear the Mark of Christ and never be ashamed to flaunt!! Note:this song is not recorded in the studio yet... Be inspired as you listen!

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Lyrics of Excellent - No Chorus

Hey, How y'all doing? It's your boy again!/ "this Small Boy"  with Big God Like Mr. Akin'Made (do call me)/ So blessed to have you all/ Thanks for the love I feel inspired every day, with your words/ Mo balance, Kristi lo n gbe’nu mi/ I let my light shine bright For the world to see/ Fire burning in my Altar, No Lukewarmness/ Excellent to n fi rap se healing and deliaverance/ Talo sope ko de possible jor take it back/ God’s Generals la wa je No time to slack/ Oro Olorun la ki, Ko soun kan ta lack/ (We are undefeatable cuz God's Word is our weapon) Esu lo n device e, ko le ri wa track/ (Despite devil's devices, he can't prevail over us) This trying times, let's stay positive Sensitive/ Say No to Negativity/ Gbena je si ninu Emi shoy gbo mi?/ (Fill in your Spirit man with more fire, right?) Grab your pen and your notepad/ Write a chorus on this song, let it go viral/ Tell them!!!