Ab cornerstone ft Ayo choir

Agogo Ayo

Ab cornerstone featured Ayo choir on this wonderful song titled "Agogo Ayo".The song is all about celebration because we are in the season of celebration and almost through with the year.We all need to thank God for all he has done for January till this present moment in our life.
Category: Gospel

Lyrics of Ab cornerstone ft Ayo choir -Agogo Ayo

Agogo Ayo Lyrics

Ah ah ah ah, Christmas bells Christmas bells ringing in my ears.. Sing Choir!

Agogo /2x
Agogo - 2x
Agogo Ayo.

Oh eh Keresimesi de /2x
Oh oh oh eh eh eh keresimesi de / 2x o

Gbo iro Agogo gbogbo wa ta joko ka fogo fologo abi Oba /4x ogo


Elu agogo /3x Keresimesi Elu agogo,
Elu agogo
Elu agogo olugbala de o
Elu agogo olugbala de o Elu agogo

A won Oluso/3x Aguntan Won so eran won.
Imole yi won ka, won ni kilo kilo kilo Won ni kilo de o -
A se olugbala la bi
Olugbala wa ka, olugbala wa a /3x

Call- Oba ogo de
All- Kaabo
Keresimesi yii ma de o eyin eniyan, eyo eyo e fi Jo si se..
Keresimesi yi ma de o eyin eniyan , eyo eyo yo yo
E yo e yo e yo ninu oluwa e yo/2x

Call- Oba ogo de
All - kaabo
Gbo iro Agogo gbogbo wa tajoko kafogo fologo abi oba.. 8x