Juwon Acoustic


Category: Gospel
HELP is a super Dynamics Afro-pop song!

The song was written based on true life story of the Gospel singer Juwon Acoustic by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, puting the lyrics together.
It talks about How Jesus Christ proved his love towards him when he was at the edge of giving up on his own life and Career.

The joy of the songs is, anyone, anywhere, anytime can listen, dance and vibe to it..

It can be played both in Churches and parties...

This will always remind you of how much he; Christ had sacrificed all because he really loved and cared for you.

Download and Share till it reach every part of the World. It's touching Lives Already..?

This terms were used strictly by inspiration;

#FLF : FI LE FUN (which means, all your blessings that has been withheld by the evil ones will start coming to you with ease).

#JLT : Just Like That!

Release Date:

Lyrics of Juwon Acoustic - Help

Lyrics Hook: ...Then my God's intervention leads to satisfaction,
his love lasan na hin order my Promotion, His intention over me I say no be detention,
I dey gbadun, I dey fresh, na hin dey clean up my mess, Emi ma ti rire gbaa,
ani mo ti ran nu gba,
Mo ti lo Ni tey..tey Ani mo ti wa bi gba...

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3 years ago

Wow. Nice one sir, more Blessing in Jesus name

3 years ago

Its really a wonderful track...
Pls keep it up.

3 years ago

Woow...that song is amazing bro keep it up