Akin'Made & Sweetsound

Covid 19 Awareness Skit

So, we decided to do a little something, it was spontaneous and we had to just put it out there.. We hope it inspires you and passes a message. Above all, we pray this menace lives our world soon enough.. Written, Arranged and Produced by Akin'Made
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Lyrics of Akin'Made & Sweetsound-Covid 19 Awareness Skit

Dem say make you stay for house Dem say make you no comot Wash your hands regularly and sanitize If e wan shake you, just please refuse If e wan hug you, sare kabakaba aisan yi o i gbogun, amo oluwa lo le banise (No cure for this disease yet but God can do it) Corona Virus Come take your leave now You have overstayed O wrong naa (It is very wrong) We decree